100% of the funds from this event will go towards projects on local trail systems where we host events.

Our huge 2021 project will be to build out and complete single track trail in Letchworth State park giving a continuous 20+ mile end to end trail with no road sections!

In addition, projects will be completed using funds on 1. The Crescent Trail (0 SPF) 2. Powder Mill Park (WTF and Race For The Rock) 3. Webster Park, Whiting Road Nature Trails and The Gosnell Big Woods (Webster Trail Classic). 4. Dryer Road Park (Ready Set Glow) 5. Seneca Trail (Unlimited Breadsticks)

We will be spending the funds to build walkways to make damaged trail sustainable for use, cut new trails where needed, fund bridges over creeks and gullies, help sustain organizations such as The Victor Hiking trails, The Crescent Trail Association, The Friends of Webster Trails, and Monroe County Parks.